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Assistive Technology in Cornwall

Assistive technology is designed to support independent living, this may be through the use of equipment which enable a person to carry out everyday tasks or may be sensors which prompt, remind or alert to avoid or minimise an emergency situation arising.

Common areas which assistive technology can support are; falls / mobility difficulties, dementia / cognitive impairment, long term medical conditions, sensory loss and providing support to carers. Tremorvah has been at the forefront of assistive technology developments in Cornwall for over 5 years and has supported thousands of people to enjoy greater and safer independence.

Technical solutions available to support individuals range from simple plug in items to extensive environmental control system installations. Some categories of equipment that can be provided or signposted from Tremorvah include:


Lifeline Pendant

Lifeline Extra (Click Here)

Pressure Mats and Pagers
Panic Alarms
PI R Night Lights and PIR Talking Signs
Seizure Alarms
Portable CCTV
Wandering Detection
Medication Reminder Equipment
Gas Alarms and Smoke Alarms
Flood Alarms / Prevention
Extreme Heat Sensors


Powered window opener

Environment Controls (Click Here)

Automatic Door operators
Door Entry Systems - Intercom and Video
Automated window / blind operation / curtain Rails
Hands Free Telephones
Remote Operated electrical Sockets Remote Electrical Lighting Solutions (Dimmers / lamps)
Key Safes Over Door CCTV Systems

(The above where controlled via a remote control have a range of control solutions to suit all abilities)


Inactivity sensor

Stand Alone Aids (Click Here)

Fall Detectors
Smoke Alarms
Gas Alarms
Lifeline Pendants
Wandering alert
Inactivity Sensor
Bed occupancy Sensor
Door Opening Sensor


(For all remote based monitoring it is advisable to have a home based assessment to identify the most practical solution as the range of alternatives are extensive)



If you would like further information on purchasing or leasing Assistive Technology Equipment please contact:
Tel: 01872 324340

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