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A stairlift - also known as chair lift or stair glider - is a device that lifts people up and down stairs. Users typically sit on a chair that travels along an aluminium or steel rail attached to the treads of the stairs by metal brackets (cleats). They can also cope with curved staircases and obstructions such as doors and posts. Hinges allow sections of the rail to be folded out of the way when not in use.


stairlift demo The stairlift commonly comprises a seat with arms and footrest, though some stair lifts have a stand-on platform. Cables, chains or rack and pinion systems pull the stair lift along the rail on small rollers.



Conventional stair lifts have the seat at right angles to the rail but to enable the passenger to get off safely, the seat can swivel and lock on arrival at the landing.

For example:



Curved rail stairlifts for domestic premises are generally more expensive than the straight rail types, since they have to be individually manufactured to fit a certain staircase after careful measurement. They also take longer to install.

For example:




stairlift chair







For outdoor purposes, there are weatherproof stair lift models that are otherwise similar to indoor stairlifts.

Why choose a lift?

• Are the stairs becoming a problem.
• Don't want to move house.
• Cheaper than moving house.
• Less stressful than moving house.
• Elderly relative coming to live with you.
• Improvement in the quality of life.
Quiet and Reliable
• Easy to Use
• Battery Operated
• Can be adapted to suit you
• Folds away neatly to maximise space
• Joystick control for ease of use

What Tremorvah has to offer you

• A wide range of stairlifts from different manufacturers.
• Prices that are often more competitive than direct sales.
• A range of after care services, including 7 day callout.
• Service and maintain most makes of lift – subject to survey
• New and Reconditioned Lifts, many available from stock.
• Quick, efficient installation on stock lifts.
• Rental Lifts Available. 

The installation is carried out within hours of our engineers arrival and a demonstration of the stairlift is given on completion of installation.

A user instruction guide is left with the stairlift and for peace of mind our telephone number is attached to the stairlift should you ever need to call us. The stairlift is covered by a full 12 month warranty regardless of whether brand new or reconditioned.

A wide range of External Stairlifts, Straight Stairlifts and Curved Stairlifts are available.


For further information please contact:
Tel: 01872 324340
email: stbosanko@cornwall.gov.uk

Tremorvah's stairlift callout hours

Monday - Friday 8.00am - 8.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 8.00am - 8.00pm
Christmas Day No callout available
Boxing Day 8.00am - 8.00pm
New Years Eve 8.00am - 8.00pm
New Years Day No callout available

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