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About Tremorvah Industries

Tremorvah's purpose is to maximise employment and development opportunities for people with a disability in a supported environment in Cornwall


cornwall council logoTremorvah is a supported workshop and comes under the umbrella of Cornwall Council. Currently over 70% of Tremorvah's staff have a recognised disability and fulfil all support services to be found in any business; such as sales, stores control, distribution, catering, customer service, administration and accountancy.


Tremorvah exteriorThrough this variety of work and training Tremorvah can help people rediscover old skills, acquire new ones and of course progress both within the workshop and into open employment. It should also be recognised that opportunities are not limited to those people with serious disabilities employed by Tremorvah. At present the Community Development team, operating from within the factory, co-ordinate more than 70 people working with host organisations throughout the County. In addition to these up to 30 disabled people a year use this facility to experience work often after a serious injury or illness.

Tremorvah ReceptionOver 70% of Tremorvah's earnings come from its own business activities and an objective is to increase this percentage. Tremorvah's aim is to be known for its supportive, caring and friendly attitude, whilst providing competitive prices and an excellent service


This vibrant business has developed from a rehabilitation centre founded some 70 years ago by Dr. William Rentoul at City Hospital in Truro. While originally conceived to provide largely therapeutic work, the benefits to be derived from providing gainful employment for the disabled and less able became increasingly apparent.

The undertaking flourished and in 1985 the "Rentoul Works" moved to its present address on the Threemilestone Industrial Estate where it began operating under the name of Tremorvah Industries.

Today's Tremorvah still holds true to Dr. Rentoul's vision by providing both real work and planned development opportunities for its dedicated and enthusiastic staff, which may facilitate their progression into open employment.

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Contact us by mail:

Tremorvah Industries,

Unit 8, Threemilestone Industrial Estate,

Truro, Cornwall,



Our showroom opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday 0830-1630

Friday 0830 to 1600

Other departments eg) textiles close 30 minutes earlier than the above times.

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